Art History Fellowships and Assistantships

Art History graduate students have a range of possibilities for meaningful work during their studies. From the Writing Fellow position to Instructional Assistantships awarded to graduate grading assistants, many of our graduate students have one and a few have two appointments per semester. Each fellowship comes with a stipend of $3,000/year and the opportunity for course credit, while each IA appointment comes with a stipend of over $3,000 per semester.

The Menil Collection, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the literature/art journal Gulf Coast both provide dedicated, paid internships for highly qualified applicants. Talk to the graduate advisor for more information.

Guenther and Flaxman scholarships provide support for research travel.

Students may receive a scholarship that allows them to qualify for in-state tuition. Texas has one of the most reasonable in-state tuition scales in the nation, making the three Tier One state universities (University of Houston and two others) one of the nation's best values.