Graphic Design MFA Program

The Graduate Program in Graphic Design at the University of Houston promotes advanced research in graphic design and critical theory. Personal investigations converge cultural, social, historical, methodological and/or technological ideas within a graphic design context. Students define an area of specific interest and concentrate their research and development on this new direction. Students and advisors work together to push the boundaries of theory and practice.

The graduate program brings together students from a variety of places and backgrounds. This group is a vital component to the program, with each graduate informing and extending to others their areas of knowledge and interest. Additional expertise, support and opportunities are available through the strong design undergraduate program, a wide range of university programs and distinguished faculty, and from Houston itself, a large and dynamic city with a thriving arts community. We encourage our graduates to extend their conceptual base beyond the graduate studio and investigate these other avenues.

    Visiting Designers, Critics and Artists

    Andy Altmann
    Richard Bates
    Andrew Blauvelt
    Ken Carbone
    Denise Gonzalez Crisp
    Stephen Farrell
    Ed Fella
    Peter Hall
    Will Hill
    Allen Hori
    Ashley Hunt
    BJ Krivanek
    Deborah Littlejohn
    Ellen Lupton
    Michael Rock
    Jim Sherraden
    Keith Smith
    Lucille Tenazas