Painting MFA Program

Our program is intended to facilitate intellectual development and the practice of making art, as defined by the needs, interests and affinities of each student. Steeped in history  painting is a rich and formidable tradition, and it is part of an evolving, expansive, dynamic field of activity. We encourage permeability within and outside of our discipline to remain responsive not only to paintings’ venerable traditions, but also to its increasing hybridity and ongoing redefinitions. The diverse practice within our program mirrors both the definition of what painting “is” and what it can be. Our approach is resolutely pluralistic.

The structural backbone of our MFA program is intensive, self-motivated studio investigation, faculty mentoring, rigorous critique and peer-group support. We provide generous studio spaces in a private wing of the Fine Arts Building, a visiting artist program of lectures and individual studio critiques, and internships in Houston’s world-class institutions, alternative spaces and galleries. Our program is a designed to support and challenge each artist as they prepare to engage the world of art and culture beyond the university.

Visiting Artists / Critics / Curators

Reed Anderson
Polly Apfelbaum
Phil Argent
Derek Boshier
Mark Bradford
Luca Buvoli
Michael Byron
Jane Callister
Francis Colpitt
Abraham Cruz Villegas
Rochelle Feinstein
Robert Goldman
Joanne Greenbaum
Alison De Lima Greene
Georganne Deen
Kim Dingle
Christian Eckart
Inka Essenhigh
Francesca Fuchs
Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Michelle Grabner
Jane Hammond
Doug Harvey
Joe Havel
Jim Hodges
Dennis Hollingsworth


Jim Iserman
Chris Jagers
Emily Joyce
Toby Kamps
Slovita Kerese
Brad Killam
Ken Little
Connie Lowe
Miltos Manetas
Annika Marie
Carlo McCormick
Melissa Miller
Bill Morrison
Paola Morsiani
Valerie Cassel Oliver
Saul Ostrow
John Pomara
John Reed
Lane Relyea
Jim Richard
Susie Rosemarin
Michael Smith
Buzz Spector
Danielle Tegeder
Marilyn Zeitlan