Photography/Digital Media Program

We live in the midst of a profound and pervasive digital revolution, which makes it both an exciting and challenging time to be an artist. Today’s lens-based media artist has access to more image-capturing options and methods for distributing images and ideas than ever before. The Photography/Digital Media (PDM) curriculum prepares artists to be at the center of this revolution, learning to take full advantage of traditional and contemporary tools in pursuit of creating significant, conceptually rigorous artwork.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography/Digital Media

BFA students are expected to develop their own artistic identities  supported by a solid grounding in the technical, historical, and critical approaches to studio practice. Classroom technical instruction focuses on a thorough study of digital photography and video art, but  also includes studio lighting, traditional photographic forms and large  format photography. Technical skills are fortified with historical and  theoretical studies, and an examination of current practices in  lens-based media. Most importantly, the PDM curriculum and pedagogy is aimed at developing in our students the ability to adapt to an ever-changing media environment.

Careers in Photography

For our most enthusiastic and committed graduates, the BFA is the  beginning of a dynamic career making and exhibiting art. Graduates  contribute to the cultural vitality of the Houston community as well as  other cultural centers around the world. PDM graduates are well  positioned for acceptance into competitive graduate programs and many  PDM graduates do choose to pursue an MFA.  

Specific career options include educator, freelance or staff  videographer/photographer, digital technician, photographic editor or  video editor. Many students find employment in art institutions such as  galleries, museums and non-profit art spaces as well as in support  industries like documentation, archiving and art handling.

Photography Internships

Internships with Houston-based exhibition spaces are encouraged.  Advanced undergraduate students whose Studio Art GPA are 3.0 or better, and MFA students may submit proposals to the area coordinator to do internships with alternative spaces, non-profit arts organizations, or museums for 3 semester credit hours. FotoFest continues to be a major resource for student internships. Other organizations that have participated are the Houston Center for Photography, Southwest Alternate Media Project, DiverseWorks, the Blaffer Gallery, Project Row Houses, the Aurora Picture Show and the Contemporary Art Museum Houston.

Visiting Artists

The UH PDM Visiting Artists Program draws on the panoply of guest artists brought to Houston by FotoFest, the Houston Center for Photography,  the Core Program at the Glassell School and other exhibition spaces in  the city.  Recent Visiting Artists include: Mel Chin, Debra Stratman,  Anne Wilkes-Tucker, Eddo Stern, Jason Salavon, Barbara Tannenbaum, Tanja Hollander, Sara Macel, Natasha Egan, Charles Guice and Jackie Hayden.  Recent guest faculty  includes James Sham, Kelly Sears and Jamal Cyrus.

Photography/Digital Media / BFA


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