Photography/Digital Media Facilities

Photography/Digital Media maintains two well-equipped studio suites: one for digital photography and video, and the other houses our traditional photography darkrooms and shooting studios. Our BFA and MFA students have 24–7 access to all darkrooms and studios. Most students enrolled in a PDM course have over 50 hours of open lab access per week.

More than 45 Macs are installed throughout our digital suite. We have two Epson 4000 series printers and four 7000 series in addition to flatbed and film scanners. Computers are loaded with current versions of Adobe Imaging software.

Our expansive wet labs include two main B&W darkrooms, a color darkroom and individual graduate stalls all equipped with 4x5 enlargers. We maintain a 20˝ Kreonite color processor and two 8x10 enlargers.

Our well-stocked Equipment Check-Out includes medium format and large format film cameras, DSLRs, laptop computers, video cameras, video projectors, light kits and tripods among other equipment.

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